jet mill

The pressed air via dryer raps into the grinding chamber through Laval jet, the material at the intersection of airflow is crashed, the powdered material enters into the classifying section together with uprising airflow, under the action of centrifugal force from classifying wheel and draft fan, the oversized powder is repulverized and the qualified powder is collected by the cyclone and bag filter.

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Chemicals,pharmaceutical, metallurgy, abrasives, non-metallic minerals, battery anode and cathode materials, talc, kaolin, quartz, graphite, flame retardant and ceramics



1.Superfine and uniform particle size and fineness can be D97=2mu.
2.Build-in turbo classifying wheel is free of over crushing.
3.Expanded compressed air at the outlet of nozzle produce low temperature, which reduce the quantity of heat from size reduction, suitable for grinding heat-sensitive and low-melting-point materials.
4.The system is free from impurity in operation.
5.There is no rotating device in grinding section, little abrasion and low noise.
6.Compact structure, easy installation and dismantlement
7.Heat-sensitive and low-melting-point materials can be ground with inert gases, which can be cycle use.
8.Automatic operation

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