Rubber grinding production line

Rubber powder production line: it is an assembly line that will scrap old tires, scrap rubber and smash rubber powder.
Production line composition:
1. Product line configuration of mixed rubber powder: double shaft shredder - conveyor belt feeding machine - rubber mill, rubber grinder, optional magnetic separator, fiber separator;
2. Tyre rubber powder production line configuration: cutting ring machine -- cutting machine -- cutting machine -- rubber mill -- rubber mill, conveyor belt feeding machine, magnetic separator, fiber separator;The production line of high-yielding tyre powder production line: the cutting machine, the double shaft shredder, the rubber crushing machine, the rubber mill (for roller rubber mill), conveyor belt, magnetic separator, fiber separator;Scope of application:
Used tires: such as bicycle, tractor, inner tube of automobile, outer tire, water ring, sole, gasket, rubber plant corner material, sealing plate, conveyor belt, etc.
Product advantages:
1. The rubber can be processed into rubber powder 10-100 at normal temperature, and the wire and fiber will be separated automatically.
2. The whole production line structure is reasonably compact, the installation covers a small area, and the maintenance is convenient.
3. The whole production line has overcome the disadvantages of low yield, large labor intensity and no continuous production.
The whole line adopts a dragon assembly line system, 1 -- 2 people can complete the operation.
5. There are no three wastes (waste water, waste gas, waste residue) in the process of processing rubber.
Maintenance and maintenance:
Before installation, the operator must carry out the necessary technical training to understand the principle performance of the rubber powder production line and be familiar with the operating rules.
2. Once every four shifts of the main engine, the air blower bearings will be refuel once a month.
The temperature of the bearing room shall not exceed 70 degrees.
More than 70 degrees should be stopped for inspection.
4. Pay attention to whether the work of each part of the machine is normal. If there is any immediate stop check, and eliminate it.
5. Pay attention to the wear of the easily worn parts and pay attention to replace the worn parts

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